baffle gasket

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  1. Jim Ignatowski

    Baffle insulation missing

    Hi All, Happy New Year! I have a Pacific Energy Vista insert that’s about 12 years old. The baffle has always been very difficult to get in and out. Last night when adding the final log, I must have pushed up against the baffle and noticed it was no longer level, slightly sagging on one side...
  2. A

    Air suction - Bottom Cap

    Hi everyone, In windy days, my wood burner makes a lot of noise, it sounds almost like a hoover. Doing some checks, I noticed that there is a lot of air suction at the “clip-on”bottom lid at the back of of the stove. I removed this lid and does not have any type of seal at all. Should this lid...
  3. S

    PE 27 baffle insulation

    I have a PE 27 that is about 5 years old. Last week I had to take out the baffle to rescue a bird trapped in the flue. I don't remember seeing any insulation except the air tube insulator, but it was probably there. I'm having to use a walker so getting down there again is quite an ordeal, I can...