black soot

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  1. T

    Soot leaking from newly installed chimney pipe?

    Hi, newbie stove question. I've had an insert in the past, but just had my first stove installed a few days ago in a new house. I've burned two fires in it, both using only newspaper, kiln-dried grocery store wood, and biobricks. The smell of the paint curing was strong, so I kept the windows...
  2. Chris_F

    Pellets not burning completely, piling up, making black soot. Any ideas why?

    Good afternoon everyone. I have a Hudson River Stove Works brand Chatham model freestanding pellet stove in my living room. It was installed 4-1/2 years ago. Ever since I started using it this past November, it's been running worse than it used to: - the pellets are not burning as rapidly as...