blaze king ashford 20/30

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    BK Ashford 20.2 for 950sq ft ranch style house work?

    Hi. Just need to hear from someone with more BK experience than I. We are renovating a ranch home that will end up being 950sq ft ranch-style house. Ceilings are not vaulted and it will be a roof exit on the stove pipe. Though we do have access to furnace heat, there’s plenty of good almond wood...
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    Ashford 25 blaze king heat shield

    Hi all, we purchased an Ashford 25 blaze king and we’ve had unfortunately nothing but problems. It’s a beautiful stove, but the rheostat shorted on us and needed to be replaced, the bolt that attaches the lower cover became un- welded so we can’t currently reattach it, and now having problems...
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    Wood Stove for midcoast Maine

    We are designing a ~1200 sq ft single story all-electric grid tied PV home to be built in midcoast Maine using IECC 2018 as the basis. The stove will be in the "great" room (~500 sq ft with vaulted ceiling) with R30 floor, R25 wall, R49 ceiling, U<0.3 windows. The stove will be placed in a...