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    Is this a Hampton?

    Hello all- new to this forum. I’m looking to identify this wood burning insert that came with me home. It’s cast iron and relatively large with surround (40”w) but has a small firebox. I’d certainly appreciate any thoughts about the made and model and approximate age. A chimney sweep told me...
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    Help identifying gas fireplace

    We recently bought a house with a gas direct vent fireplace. The plate with the info on brand and serial number is missing and when turning it on and having the gas company look at it we discovered there's a small leak where the pilot tubing hooks to the control because it doesn't have the...
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    Newbie with questions: What do you know about this stove?

    Hi there! (Even if you don't recognize the stove type, I have a couple other questions, too.) Mr. Claus and I are new to fireplace business with our first home we just purchased last weekend. We got our fireplace and our stove cleaned, but didn't find out much from the sweeper, who only...