Is this a Hampton?

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Sep 21, 2018
Hello all- new to this forum. I’m looking to identify this wood burning insert that came with me home. It’s cast iron and relatively large with surround (40”w) but has a small firebox. I’d certainly appreciate any thoughts about the made and model and approximate age. A chimney sweep told me he thought it was an older Hampton by Regency, but the regency salesman I spoke to said he didn’t think so.

Don’t mind my ugly hearth.... getting ready for a makeover with PA bluestone.
Definitely not a Hampton. Looks a bit more like an Enviro.
Thank you! I found out that I have an Enviro Cabello. Not sure if 1200 or1700 but at least I am not stabbing in the dark. I really appreciate your help!
Enviro made good stoves. Look at the firebox dimensions. Is the firebox rectangular and shallower in depth (1200)? Or is it more square and with the depth almost equal to the width (1700)?