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  1. V

    Question re Vermont Castings Vigilant Coal II stove

    Can anyone inform me of the usefulness of coal burning stoves, please? My sister has 3 never-used, Vigilant Coal II cast iron stoves in original boxes. Her husband was a ”prepper” and passed away unexpectedly ….we discovered these in storage, along with chimneys, dbl wall pipes, elbows...
  2. S

    Old West German cast iron boxwood stoves

    I picked up an old and heavy boxwood(bigger than newer ones)only markings are made in west Germany on the back, cast iron, 2 -;6" removable cook tops, no frills. I read some coal could be burned by shaker grate, plenty of clearance , heat shielded 2+',6" going through existing chimney + 2-3'Do I...
  3. powlette

    A newbie with an inherited cast iron stove that scares me

    My wife inherited her great-grandparent's antique wood stove. It's marked as Hamilton Stove Co with a patent date of 1905. It weighs about 300lbs. My wife remembers it from her childhood in the early 80's, but we have no idea how old it actually is. It's a family heirloom so I want to use it but...
  4. J

    How old is my Lange Svendborg wood stove?

    Hi everyone, I just purchased this adorable little wood stove and I would love to know how old it is? I can’t find anything through my online research what year(s) this model was made. Does anyone know? Thanks for your help! -Jess
  5. K

    Scandia 100 worth like new?

    So my parents bought a Scandia 100 wood stove a long time ago. It has been in storage and never used. It’s a beautiful stove and we were going to use it but decided to go with something else that takes longer wood pieces. I know it’s a scandalous knockoff of Jotul and for seasoned wood burners...
  6. N

    Hearthstone Manchester or Shelburne for a 1200-1800Sqft home? Or other recommendations, needs to be REAR-VENTing

    Hi all! Recently purchased a new home and we are replacing a problematic stove (missing some parts etc). We have a chimney build into the home with a large (8"?) diameter hole for a stove pipe vent to be attached to it and that's how the last stove was, so we are looking for wood stoves with...
  7. cron

    Plugging small holes in cast iron stove?

    I just completed my first wood stove install. It is a Taiwanese parlor stove (questionable quality, I know). It has 3 holes on the top corners where some removable chrome decorative pieces go. These pieces fit loosely into the holes, but not enough to create an air-tight seal. When I open the...
  8. J

    Looking for value of: Penn Royal #3421 Fireplace Insert

    Penn Royal wood burning fireplace insert. Comes with electric blower. Every piece included. NO MISSING ORIGINAL PARTS. Fits a 32" wide opening in your fireplace and is 14" deep til flange and back side is 28" tall... so your fireplace opening would need to be 32"w x 28"h x 14"d. The flange is...
  9. K

    Info on Lange Wood Stove 6304A

    Hi there! I recently purchased a Lange cast iron wood stove. I am thinking this model was not sold in the U.S. as I cannot find any info about it online. I believe it is model #6304A, this number is on each of the legs. This community has been so helpful that I thought I’d reach out to answer...
  10. H

    Help identifying old cast iron stove

    Hi. I acquired an old stove and have no idea what it is. The prior owner has passed so there’s no information available off hand. I searched the stove high and low for any markings but couldn’t find any. All I can seem to gather is that it is an Victorian box style wood stove. Any help would be...
  11. M

    Is this a Hampton?

    Hello all- new to this forum. I’m looking to identify this wood burning insert that came with me home. It’s cast iron and relatively large with surround (40”w) but has a small firebox. I’d certainly appreciate any thoughts about the made and model and approximate age. A chimney sweep told me...
  12. N

    New to the sport- terracotta questions

    I have read both a ton of info about some using liners, and some not. Not the question, as we willing be using a stainless liner. We have a terracotta lined fireplace in the basement that is enormous, and we want to add a freestanding wood stove. We had the chimney inspected, and is in good...
  13. M

    Bought an Old VC Defiant

    Hello I am new to the forum, but decided to join recently. This is my first wood stove so I am out of my element. That being said any advice is appreciated. I recently bought an old Vermont Castings Defiant that was casted in late 1970's. Very beautiful stove; solid nickel handles, intricate...
  14. F

    New to me insert, help me ID it

    I just moved into my new to me house. It has a very heavy fireplace insert located in the downstairs part of the house. I just had the chimney sweep guy come by for a cleaning and inspection and everything looked good once he got clear down to the brick. The guy got a total of seven 5 gallon...
  15. All work and no play.

    All work and no play.

    I was so excited. This photo was taken about ten minutes before I dropped it.
  16. trevarthan

    Just a fire burning for 16 minutes...

  17. R

    Installing cast iron insert in old stone fireplace.

    Hello, I am hoping to get some advice for a project I am working on. Below are the details. My wife and I bought a late 1940's house that has an older open stone fireplace. Its in excellent shape. We have burned a couple very small fires in it, but just for looks rather than for heat. It does...