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    Question on King Pellet stove PK130

    Hello, I’ve never really don’t any kind of forum page before but I am new to the pellet stove world I’ve read the Manuel watched every YouTube video and I can seem to figure out what the issue is. I live in a tiny house in maine and my pellet stove won’t let me factory reset with pressing the...
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    Jotul C450 Air Valve Handle Broke

    So I had noticed that our air valve on our recently installed C450 had no resistance, so I checked and sure enough, the slide valve had come off the handle, so I adjusted it and tested it a couple times and it worked fine. Fast forward two days later, the handle snapped off, very little...
  3. After: New Old Cook Stove.

    After: New Old Cook Stove.

    Photo taken after the weld repairs, sealing of seams and falling to the ground. Always strap your load.
  4. R

    Slate hearth cracked - advice please?

    Hi folks - first time poster. Hoping you can help me. We recently had a 4kw wood burning stove installed. The stove sits on top of a single piece of slate that measures 1100 wide x 800 deep x 20mm thick. Underneath the hearth stone there is a section of floorboards cut out, so a recess which a...