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  1. D

    Blaze King Princess 32 heating ability?

    My husband and I are looking to install a wood burning stove into our house, and I have been looking at the Blaze King Princess 32. I’ve spent a long time researching, and I see very happy customers all around with the BK brand and particularly the Princess. However, is this stove large enough...
  2. ChainsawDave

    Old Potbelly in a Small Space Help

    Hey everybody, I'm new to wood stoves and this is my first post. I wanted to run some things by the folks here to see if this project of mine was a going to work out. I've been researching like crazy, which I always do on my homestead projects, but wanted advice because there's more danger...
  3. K

    Rexford, Montana 1,000 Square foot cabin needs a stove

    Hi all, I've really enjoyed reading all the stove reviews here and decided to stop in with a few questions. To paint the picture I will be living in the west kootenai as a single female with wood heat as a primary heat source with propane backup. This area only has soft wood to burn with. I...