cast in place liner

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    Replacement baffle

    First post here, getting ready to start burning wood and I noticed my baffle is starting to look rough. I have an Earthstove 2800HT and found they stopped making the baffle in 2016 and can’t find a replacement one. The only information I’ve found is that’s it’s 3/8’s thick. My question is...
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    Remove cast in place chimney liner or replace chimney.

    My wife and I am building a masonry heater from a kit, but my current chimney flue is too small. It is a 6 inch cast in place liner and we need an 8 in flue. The current concrete block chimney will accommodate an 8 inch stainless liner if we can figure out how to remove the current liner. Is...
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    Seeking Advice/Info about my concrete chimney liner

    Hi everyone, first time poster here. I would like to use what looks to me to be a "cast in place chimney liner" for a wood stove set up in my basement. There is a clay liner to the right and left of it(breezway, and fireplace) then the 6" poured concrete flue line Im inquiring about. It was...