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  1. J

    Classic Bay 1200 Stove Shut-Down Problem

    Hi – First time here. I have a Quadra-Fire Classic Bay 1200 Stove which has the "Stove runs for 10 minutes then stops feeding fuel and shuts down” problem. Every single component of this unit has been checked, double-checked, and is in working order; every wire has been traced; there is 0.3 ±...
  2. R

    Quadrafire CB1200 Applied AC Issue

    I wrote to Quadrafire but they won't talk to me. So I've copied the email below. This is an intermittent issue, so calling a licensed service tech will not solve the problem. I need one of your "engineers" to reply to this. For the last 8 months or so, my CB1200 will act as if I just plugged...
  3. ztnark

    Classic bay 1200 struck by lightening

    I'm not sure if I'm in the right forum or not but here goes. First off my local service center has two techs, 200 service calls and one tech out with covid. So I guess I have to try to trouble shoot my problem myself. About a month ago we had a terrible lighting storm here. My stove is...
  4. J

    Classic Bay 1200

    I have no more ideas...... here is what’s happening: Plug Classic Bay 1200 (blue lights flash and exhaust comes on) Red light goes on (calls for pellets) Pellets drop FIRE Then nothing....fire dies no more pellets drop. I replaced the control board because the other one didn’t even flash...
  5. Varna Christer

    Quadra Fire CB1200 Control Box function

    Quadrafire CB1200 in SWEDEN. I have purchased a used I QuadraFire CB1200 in Sweden (free standing) manufactured 2004. According to seller the control board was replaced end of 2014. The installed control board is a grey one with number HHT # 7000-437. Is this the proper control board for my...