Quadra Fire CB1200 Control Box function

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Varna Christer

New Member
Oct 29, 2018
Linkoping, Sweden
Quadrafire CB1200 in SWEDEN.
I have purchased a used I QuadraFire CB1200 in Sweden (free standing) manufactured 2004. According to seller the control board was replaced end of 2014. The installed control board is a grey one with number HHT # 7000-437.
Is this the proper control board for my stove?
According to my manual the feeding times shall be:
LOW 4,7 sec on, 9 sec off ( approx 1,6 on, 5,4 sec off)
MEDIUM 7,4 sec on, 6,3 sec off (2,4 sec on, 4,7 sec off)
HIGH 10,2 sec on, 3,5 sec off (3,5 sec on, 3,5 sec off)
my values within parentheses.

The green light comes on when the Thermo couple value reach 4mV but red light does not come on at anytime even though the Thermo couple value reach approx 18mV.
Either the fire pot overfills with pellets and fire goes out or the stove shuts down after some hours. Have noted the the auger motor at this time does not turn/feed (fire pot almost empty).
The set screw in the control box is set to 7.
Stove is clean (also checked within the exhaust fan) and connected to chimney approx 5 meters high with area exceeding dia 100mm.


Minister of Fire
Sep 14, 2014
The grey boxes are older boxes. The newer ones are clear. Can't believe an older box was put in in 2014. And it should have a white label on it. Not a yellow label. Your box should be set on #1, not 7. And always be sure to unplug stove before installing or removing a control box, or you run the risk of toasting it. The green light should come on when firepot reaches 200*, and red light comes on when it reaches 600*. You should also keep track after it is going on how much feed it is getting. May need to adjust feed adjusting rod accordingly. kap