ceramic blanket

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  1. K

    Pacific Energy Spectrum draft issue --- NOT!!!

    Long story.. bear with me , or skip to end. Purchased first Pacific Energy Spectrum in 1985.. it was baby blue enamel. 8 feet of double wall black into 25 feet of Selkirk chimney. Used that wood stove for 25 years until we changed decor, so we migrated it to the cottage and purchased another...
  2. gardnert

    Insulation and draft concerns

    Just had my liner and stove installed this week; stainless steel 6", 1/2" insulation wrapped. Here is a picture of the installation. (not included in image is the stove board that sits in front of it)(EDIT: box for said stove board is actually in the picture, keeping a cat locked in the back...
  3. LAndrim

    Ceramic blanket for wood stoves

    Hi All, I have a County Canyon (Lennox) ST301. Great stove, lots of heat. Need to replace the baffle boards and ceramic blanket. Over $200 from various dealers...OUCH! Two questions please: 1. Found a reasonably priced blanket on ebay...could someone please chime in on whether this is...