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    Meridian Tile Ceramic Wood Stove - Missing Latch

    I'm missing the door latch (the part that the handle locks into) for a Meridian Stove that I bought second hand. Would anyone be able to take a close up picture of one so I can get an idea of what I need buy or make?
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    Home Purchased with a Blaze King Princess ISO middle square ceramic

    Hello! We just purchased a home with a Blaze King Princess. The center ceramic on the door came off and hit our brick ( the tabs holding it must be old... design flaw, perhaps having it permenatly attached given that the door opens down would have been better... :) I am guessing they are...
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    Combifire floor protection: place woodstove on ceramic tile floor?

    Hi all, Newbie poster here. My husband and I have a beautiful old Jotul Combifire that we are fixing up to put into our house, largely based on great advice I have found on this website. The stove will be installed in a corner of a room. We have done all our research about heat shields and...