Home Purchased with a Blaze King Princess ISO middle square ceramic

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Sep 4, 2017
Gooding, Idaho
Hello! We just purchased a home with a Blaze King Princess. The center ceramic on the door came off and hit our brick ( the tabs holding it must be old... design flaw, perhaps having it permenatly attached given that the door opens down would have been better... :) I am guessing they are made removeable since they are ceramic and can break therefore needing to be replaced. I contacted Blaze King directly but they have since notified me that they no longer make this replacement piece. I have also checked ebay and local buy/sell/trade websites but to no avail. Does anyone, perhaps, have one they would like to sell and if so how much. Thank you for your time! :)
They are sold as 3 piece sets. Although we have not made them for 20 years....try the Axmen in Missoula MT. They had hundreds of sets a few years ago.
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Maybe hire a local ceramic artist to make a replacement. It could match the original or be a creative piece of art.
Or just purchase some tiles and cut to size...