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  1. francesstoves

    Underlayment for tile hearth beneath Woodstock Cottage Franklin soapstone gas stove

    I'm building a new house that's a concrete slab foundation. I'm putting in a Woodstock Cottage Franklin Soapstone Gas Stove in the living room. I need to install a hearth of porcelain tile that's 3 ft by 3 ft for the stove to sit on top of. Currently, there is no subfloor ... there is just the...
  2. jameshowison

    Cement board to cover gap for small insert stove?

    We have a small insert stove (Stuv 6 insert). All working great, now figuring out finishing. The stoves has a 2” metal frame around it. We would like to keep it at that size. Yet the gap from the frame to the sides of the masonry fireplace is closer to 5”. So there is a gap of 3 “ on the top...
  3. D

    New Stove Install, Northern New England

    Hello everyone! Long time reader here finally needing some advice. We are looking to install a small stove to heat a sunroom for year-round use in a cold winter climate. The sunroom is 288sqft and surrounded by double-pane sliding windows on 3 walls, with the 4th wall fully-insulated. The...
  4. wcherrsr

    Wanting to learn about my new stove

    We just bought a new house and is has a rather unusual wood stove in it. I have reason to believe that this was built by a man from Winston Salem who worked on the Moravian stoves in Old Salem. That man has since passed away. I do not know how old the stove is. It does need some...
  5. W

    Valor H5 install and Drywall Discoloring

    I have a question that I am hoping the members here can help with. We plan to replace our 30 year old Heat N Glo EM42 AT fireplace with a new Valor H5 gas fireplace. We plan to use this primarily for ambiance rather than for heating. We are located in Wisconsin so my wife plans to use it in...
  6. C

    Backer Board and Mortar for Stove base

    Hey y'all, first post here. I'm building a tile hearth/base for my free standing wood stove (a US Stove 1100): two layers of 1/2" concrete backer board for a heat shield on top of a hardwood floor in the corner of the living room, then topped with some tile. All the online guides I've found...
  7. T

    Meridian Tile Ceramic Wood Stove - Missing Latch

    I'm missing the door latch (the part that the handle locks into) for a Meridian Stove that I bought second hand. Would anyone be able to take a close up picture of one so I can get an idea of what I need buy or make?
  8. BillGriggs

    Fireplace Hearth, Tile, and Ditra

    Hi all! New here, but I'm hoping someone can help me out with a project. I'm working on replacing a hearth. My home is built with a 2"x6" tongue-and-groove subfloor. On top of that was laid 1/2 particleboard. In front of my fireplace was a 2'x6' section of 8x8 tiles. I popped these up and...
  9. M

    Home Purchased with a Blaze King Princess ISO middle square ceramic

    Hello! We just purchased a home with a Blaze King Princess. The center ceramic on the door came off and hit our brick ( the tabs holding it must be old... design flaw, perhaps having it permenatly attached given that the door opens down would have been better... :) I am guessing they are...
  10. B

    Questions about building a hearth

    I am having a Malm Zircon 34 (woodburning) installed, and had a few questions about the hearth construction. I know minimum dimensions and have purchased 8x8x.5 terracotta tile to build the hearth. I don't know the exact location of the stove install, as it may move an inch or two in any...
  11. P

    Issue with Kent Tile Fire

    I have a Kent Tile file from the late 80's. It's been working great for a couple of year, but now, whenever the stove starts getting hot, the bypass lever is getting stuck about half way in. I tried lubing the parts I can access without taking the chimney off, no luck. The lever moves freely...
  12. M

    Building up a hearth on a cement floor

    Hi folks, I'm looking at designing and building a tile (or maybe stone) hearth for my wood stove. Right now, it is resting on a cement floor and I would like to put laminate floor down. So I figure it would be best at this time to build the hearth, then the flooring can butt up against the...
  13. C

    Replacing Hearth with flush tile to floor

    We are retiling our fireplace and you can see what we originally had. We already removed everything back to the original. My question is I would like it be flush to the floor. Would tearing up the first four squares from front to back be a good idea? This is a 92 year old house so I'm not sure...