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  1. H

    Help! We have this stove but we dont know how to use it!!

    My girlfriend has this stove in her sun room, but we are unsure if it is safe to use. I will attach photos maybe someone can shed some light on this thing. someone spent a lot of money to have it installed but i am not convinced the people who installed it knew what they were doing. It...
  2. Jacklumber

    Minimizing Ash Coal build up in Catalytic ZC

    I have a FireplaceXtrordinair Apex 42 Catalytic zero clearance fireplace with an ash charcoal build up issue. A wheel barrel full per week! I have read that catalytic stoves need to be run with a full load to burn efficiently while reducing airflow. But this leads to significant coal buildup in...
  3. B

    Charcoal or something similar?

    I am a long time reader, but first time poster. I did a search for this question but I did not really find any results. My apologies if it has been asked before. First off, my stove is a St Croix Lancaster. It is the older model that was designed for corn (before it was sold as a multi-fuel...