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  1. St. Coemgen

    Your Opinions: Homestead Renovations, Fixing And Upgrading Our Chimney

    A Youtube Video: My main concern is this "bricky" (a UK term) is treating a stainless steel chimney like a masonry chimney and "bricking" it in at least on one side. I always thought a steal chimney needs some air space all around to dissipate heat and prevent issues. Or am I wrong? Is...
  2. G

    gthomas785 Massive Wood Shed Build (progress thread)

    I'm finally making good progress on building my wood shed, with the help of my wife. I'm posting this thread just to share the process and design, in case anyone is interested. The woodshed was designed entirely by me, in my head, and I have minimal drawings. Here are a couple sketches of the...
  3. W

    Filled ash dump chute with concrete: Can I do concrete all the way up?

    Hi folks, The plywood forms were never removed from under the hearth when the home was built :eek:, and major demolition would be required to access the ash pit to remove the plywood. (The pit is roughly 2x13 feet of floor area and a couple feet high, making it almost impossible to reach the...