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  1. J

    Classic Bay 1200 Stove Shut-Down Problem

    Hi – First time here. I have a Quadra-Fire Classic Bay 1200 Stove which has the "Stove runs for 10 minutes then stops feeding fuel and shuts down” problem. Every single component of this unit has been checked, double-checked, and is in working order; every wire has been traced; there is 0.3 ±...
  2. B

    Convection blower slow to come on and off - Quadrafire Classic Bay 1200 FS

    My stove (year 2000) calls for heat, ignites, drops pellets, and then lags to turn convection blower on (15+ minutes). Once it reaches temp, the convection blower lags to shut off... 30+ minutes after exhaust blower does. It's super noisy on startup too- grinding metallic noise, but that fades...
  3. W

    Cab50 Control Box Replacement

    Hello and thank you in advance for your assistance. I searched the forum but could not find this problem specifically. I have a Heatilator Eco Cab50 pellet stove that has run well for the last 3 years. (This part may or may not be relevant to my current problem..) This year I started...
  4. X

    QF Castile Insert - New Control Box: New Problems

    This posting is a follow-up to my posting entitled " QF Castile: Auger Keeps Turning After Call Light is Out." See I installed the new control box after installing the thermo-couple grounding...
  5. U

    Quadrafire Classic Bay 1200 Circuit/Switch Testing

    I have a classic bay 1200 that is not feeding pellets. The exhaust fan starts and the call for heat light is on when I raise the thermostat. I have replaced the vacuum switch and the auger motor, checked the vacuum hoses, and checked the stove door gasket - all seem to be fine. The control box...
  6. grendel336

    Control Board Getting Fried - Quadrafire Castille Insert

    After my 10 year old pellet stove sat unplugged for the summer, I plugged it in to use it for first time this season. Quadrafire stoves run through a "startup routine" when you first plug them in, but before you call for heat. Takes about 20 minutes. During that "startup routine" the control...