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    Questions on EPA ZC Fireplace installation options, safety, feasibility, etc.

    Hello All, I posted on here a few months ago with questions about an installation of a wood burning insert into an old (circa 1979) Majestic 36A ZC fireplace, which is currently housing a FPX gas insert. After scraping that idea (couldn't get comfortable with the safety of stuffing a 300 pound...
  2. O

    PelPro stove installed 16" from wall; should be 3". What can we do?

    Hi and thanks in advance for any insights and ideas shared here! We had a PelPro pellet stove installed in a corner of our living room. This was a new installation - no pellet or wood burning stove had ever existed before. Link to manual...
  3. S

    Help with Insert for corner fireplace

    Hi everyone, I'm new to this. I have a corner wood fireplace and am wondering if it is possible to get a wood stove insert that fits it (ie if there is one that already fits or that can be ?cut to fit). I've attached a photo. Dimensions are in the attached document. Thanks so much!
  4. B

    Anyone have a Woodstock Keystone installed in a corner?

    Just wondering if anyone has a Woodstock keystone installed in a corner.. our current woodstove is installed in a corner and I want to see how one looks so I can have a better idea of hearth lengths etc.. I’ve seen the diagram in the instruction manual but actual install pics will be good for...
  5. Marie is cold

    Can we still install pre EPA stoves that are Brand new? what things do we need to know We are new

    Hi there. We are relatively new to woodburning in that we have had woodburning stove before as supplemental heat in Mobile home additions etc. We have a big post and beam home with vaulted ceilings and large windows. It is chilly in the dining room and livingroom in the winters. We have looked...