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    Please help! Poor air circulation.

    Sorry guys, this is going to be a long one. I’ve read several threads about this and the common answer is to move the cold air. I’ve tried a few different ways without success. So my stove makes the kitchen and dining room, living area 90+ degrees and the bedrooms are in the 60’s. Here’s a...
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    Help with Furnace not heating house? New to this and am not sure where the issue is?

    Hi, so I am in desperate need of any help or advice people have. I have tried to find resources online and while some of my questions have been answered, the big problem I am having has not been solved and I am not sure who to ask or go to for advice. I have a Fire Chief 500 and an Air Handler...
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    Insulation shields and air vent

    Hey guys, I'm new to the stove world and will be installing my first wood stove in the next couple of weeks. Couple of quick things I can't seem to find the answer to. 1. I have a drywall ceiling in my living room, but then a foot or two above that is a second set of ceiling joists with a...
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    Wood/propane add on

    I just added an Energy King wood furnace to my propane furnace. My Hvac contractor built a lovely plenum and ductwork into my propane ductwork. He plumbed the wood furnaces cold air return into the propane cold air ductwork. He separated both furnaces cold air ductwork w/slides so they are...
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    Ductwork/ stove help

    hello gents, don’t know where to put this thread exactly but feel free to move it. So I’ve attached two photos of my set up at our new home( not using until next winter) the photos are taken on the first floor which is a 3 car garage and some serious work space. The second floor has 3 bedrooms...