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    Earth Stove BV 4000C Blower Repair

    First time poster- hope I'm posting in the right place.. I have an older (70s or 80s?) Earth Stove that I believe to be model BV 4000C. We had a contractor come out to look at it and the blower specifically to see if we could get it repaired. He took a quick look and noted that some parts were...
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    Earth Stove Baffle Warped?

    Earth Stove BV400C was given to me a few months ago by someone switching to gas. I'm very grateful to have it and it heats very well. It did not have the catalytic in it and the person who gave it to me was already the second owner. I'm ready to order a catalytic but the floor of the baffle...
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    How do I use the cat? Earth stove BV400

    I really hate to bother yall, but Im going to anyway... I bought a house and it has (as far as I know ) an Earth Stove fireplace insert installed. I know it has a catalytic converter in it and Ive downloaded the manual to it. I cannont for the life of me figure out how to read the temp probe by...
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    Thoughts on the Earth Stove GL40?

    I'm thinking about purchasing a used Earth Stove GL40 if it looks as good in actuality as it does on the sale page. Price: $495 I understand that the brand has been bought out by Lennox. Can anyone provide some general insight into the relative quality of an Earth Stove GL40? Good? Bad? Jump...
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    Earth Stove HP40 smells like smoke when the auger runs

    Just today my Earth Stove HP40 started to put out a smoky smell. It seems to be coming from where the hot air comes out confection blower. It gets really bad when when the auger kicks on. Any ideas what can cause this?
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    Looking to buy a blower for The earth stove pellet

    Hello, I am the owner of a chimney sweep company and I have a customer that has a earth stove HP40 pellet stove. The blower went out but she is on a very tight budget. I'm wondering if someone on here has a good used blower motor or know where I might find one. Or is there a blower I can...
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    Earth Stove RP45 with broken burn pot

    I rent a home equipped with an Earth Stove RP45 that has worked well enough for me over the last 5 years. The burn pot has always been broken on the bottom, allowing some pellets through to the ash pan. Over time it's gotten worse- the bottom of the pot is now 75% open. Burn pot fills with a...
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    Earth Stove help

    I bought a house that has a Earth Stove 906/1002 and I was wondering what the controls on the right side are for. I cannot find a manual online and I know that Lennox bought them out but that didn't help in the search. I understand what the fire viewing and longer burn is for but what does the...