eco 65

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    Eco 65 problems

    Hello. I have a eco 65 pellet stove. Just did a full clean and tried to start it but the switch is not powering the unit on. It shows up red for off so it’s getting power but it won’t respond to anything. If I unplug the cable from it the stove blowers will turn on. anyoke know how to test the...
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    Drolet ECO 65 causing high CO2 inside

    I have a Drolet Eco 65 at my cabin in Northern Saskatchewan ....... i have had it since December of 2014 .... so this is my third season ...... first season I burnt 96 bags of pellets 2 nd season 126 bags of pellets and about 25 bags so far this season. I have my stove installed in my utility...
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    Drolet Eco 65 (older version) smoldering after running out of pellets

    Hi. I have older version of Eco 65. I just called Drolet because I had an issue again with pellets coming out into burn pot after running out of pellets. This happened about three weeks ago and again last night. Here's the problem: Stove runs out of pellets; shuts down properly and then it...
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    Drolet Eco 65 pellet stove - 3 years old

    Hi, I have a drolet Eco 65 with outside air kit installed in basement. It has run fine for 3 years, with the exception of having to replace the blower/fan last year, which I did. I cleaned the chimney and stove out for this year and so far have burned 8 bags of pellets. Over the weekend, I...