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  1. mattbrandon

    VT Defiant Encore Smoking my house

    Hi this is my first post and my first wood stove. I have an older VT Castings Defiant Encore 2550. It was in rough shape when I bought it used. I took most of the insides apart, cleaned it replace the Cat and the refractory. I also have replace the door and griddle gaskets. For the last month...
  2. M

    Encore 2550 damper bar replacement

    Great forum with lots of great info. I had to replace my upper fireback so ordered a new one. Working on reassembly, I cannot figure out how the old damper bar comes out of the old fireback so that I can put it in the new one I bought. They sell them separately so I figure the damper bar must...
  3. J

    Vermont castings defiant encore clogging cat issue

    Hi everyone! I had another post about buying a used Jotul stove, but I missed out on it, and I'm also stubbornly wanting to get my VC back in tip top shape since I love it so much when it's working properly. I did a complete rebuild 4 years ago including new cat, refractory box and fireback...