enviro mini

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  1. Tom04

    Used Enviro Mini

    Hi there, I'm looking for a small footprint, modern-design pellet stove to use in my Toronto home mostly as a secondary heat source on come days. We also like the ambiance of a natural flame, and wood/NG are not options. Money is tight, so I'm looking for used stoves. Anything I should be...
  2. M

    Newb Question about heat levels

    Hello out there We just had our enviro mini installed this week I perhaps have a dumb question. When you go between heat levels 1-5 does the stove inject more pellets or does it increase the fan speed? or both? Thanks
  3. VTSally

    Castle Serenity vs. Enviro Mini

    Hello, I'm a new member but have been reading reviews and old threads for a few weeks with gratitude for all of the great information here. I could use some advice on choosing a pellet stove for a 600sq ft condo in central Vermont that I purchased this April, and which is my primary residence...
  4. P

    Help with new Enviro P3 stove

    We just purchased and had installed a new Enviro P3 Red Pellet Stove in our 400 Sq Ft cabin with vaulted ceilings. I am hoping I might get some help with some issues. 1. When we power the stove on it does it's start up process. 9 times out of 10 I get an E3 error. We then hit the power...
  5. B

    Enviro Mini - air leak at bottom of glass

    At the bottom of the glass of my enviro mini there seems to be an air leak where air is being sucked into the stove's burn chamber. Is this normal?