fan / blower repair?

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  1. G

    Earth Stove BV 4000C Blower Repair

    First time poster- hope I'm posting in the right place.. I have an older (70s or 80s?) Earth Stove that I believe to be model BV 4000C. We had a contractor come out to look at it and the blower specifically to see if we could get it repaired. He took a quick look and noted that some parts were...
  2. T

    Hampton HI300 blower question

    HI All! I am new here but have had my stove since 2015. I have a Regency HI300. Last night the fan stopped working. It had a low hum but no airflow. I looked at the manual and tried to remove the fan. I could not find any screws to remove except for on the control plate. I looked again at the...
  3. J

    True North TN20 fan 80000905 surging/pulsing

    The blower on my TN20 surges/pulses at all speeds other than high. I inspected the wiring and didn't see anything abnormal. Any help is appreciated.
  4. Zackus

    Need info on old Grizzly Insert

    Howdy folks I bought my house last year and it came with an Old Grizzly wood insert(I'll add photos at the end). My wife and I had the chimney cleaned last year and ran 8 face cord ( we use face cords in Wny) thru it everything ran fairly smoothly I definitely wasn't maximizing my heat output to...
  5. J

    Regency i2400 vs Enviro Venice 1700

    Hello, I have my two wood insert choices narrowed down two: The Regency i2400 and the Enviro Venice 1700. I really like most everything on the Enviro better, with one major exception: the fan/blower placement. On the Enviro Venice, I like the looks, the efficiency, and the larger viewing...
  6. D

    New Fireplace Owner, I have a question

    First time poster. Bought our home in April, it was built in 1987 mostly renovated. Started the fireplace for the first time today ( it was wett certified with our inspection). The blower or fan is a light switch beside the fireplace. I can hear it turn on but I don’t feel any air being pushed...