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  1. A

    Can I use Heat fueled fans in my old fireplace vents

    We renovated a 1940 Tudor home with a gorgeous fireplace that had been hidden behind an old brass fireplace cover which you can see the soot build up in one of the photos. Fast forward, after finishing the renovation, we would like to add gas logs and wondered if we could add heat activated fans...
  2. M

    Quad 3100 insert pre/act. Blower fans.

    I’m looking for new fans. Can anyone recommend a company that sells a more quiet fan?
  3. Echo Parking Lot

    Heat getting trapped in one room

    Moved into a circa 1780 center chimney salt box about a year ago. Came with a Vermont Castings Defiant 1945 installed in what we’re calling the “hearth room.” There is an additional open fireplace in the living room as well as another that was bricked over to accommodate the furnace. First...
  4. A

    Moving hot air

    Happy new year everyone! I use a Lopi 1250 in my 1300 square foot ranch house. Seems like it cranks out more than enough heat but what do people use to move heat from point a (stove room) to point b (Unheated bedroom of doom at the other end of the house)? Do those doorway fans do much or am I...
  5. MagdalenaP

    Do I really need a blower/fan?!

    Hey All! So I purchased my new to me regency f2400. The fan is loud, cleaning it didn't help. I could order a new one, around $100 or so, but do I really need it? Do they really help? Issue is my stove is going to be pointed towards my backdoor (best location for my home layout), so all that...
  6. cbscout

    Lopi Wood Inserts and Fans

    Does anyone have any thoughts/opinions on the quality of the Lopi wood insert? Considering the size of my house (1200 sq ft) I am considering the Revere. In addition, how loud are the Lopi fans? In any insert that you buy, are there ways to quiet the fans or get third party ones that are...
  7. Y

    Mount Vernon Quadfire Stove Problem

    1) The auger motor quit running. I tested the motor its fine. I jumped the vacuum switch, fine, tested snap disk #2, fine, replaced anyhow so I decided it was the control box. I replaced that still no auger.If I put the control box to test mode everything tests fine, both fans, auger motor and...
  8. X

    Moving heat around with fans

    In the past I have moved the hot air coming off a stove around the house by sucking it into the back of a fan on low and moving it upstairs, now that I have an insert in the main floor I want to keep some heat on that floor and move it upstairs too. If you want to move more air you just end up...