fire chief

  1. N

    Fire Chief 1000 or Caddy

    I currently own a fire chief 1000 that I haven't installed yet. I came to the forum for advice on whether or not I should include a manual damper in the flue and found that there are some people having a lot of problems with them. Since I already have it, I'm tempted to give it a go, but I...
  2. J

    2020 epa fire chief fc1000e

    New to this site, looking at purchasing a new high efficiency wood furnace. Not new to burning wood but definitely behind the curve with the newer high efficiency furnaces. I have been waiting for a Kuuma vapor fire 200 for almost a year and talked to them last week and it sounds like it will be...
  3. Mrpelletburner

    Fire Chief or Shelter EPA stoves feedback

    While researching new EPA rated stoves, I could not locate much info regarding the new Fire Chief / Shelter EPA rated stoves. Hope this thread becomes a place where FC/S owners can post their experience setup. Perhaps someone that had an older version and has since upgraded, could provide...