fisher stove

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  1. I

    Fisher Insert

    We recently bought a house with what I believe is a Fisher Fireplace Insert that was installed by the previous owner. We had a chimney inspection so we know it is installed correctly, and we have used it with no issues. The Fireplace Insert does not have the surround/flashing/trim kit and air...
  2. L

    I bought a house and they left an old fisher

    I don’t know anything about wood stoves. Can someone tell me what this thing is worth as is? It’s rusty but looks like it’d work fine if refurbished. Thanks!
  3. I

    Help me identify this Fisher Stove

    I recently found this stove. I am thinking it is a Grandpa Bear. I have a couple of questions. Has anybody ever seen numbers welded on the bottom of a Fisher Stove. If so, what does this mean? Stove #51 made in 1964 in Pennsylvania???? OK, my next questions is. We used to always use the Stove...
  4. W

    Is this a Fisher stove insert? Double doors

    I'm thinking of putting an offer in on a house, and this wood burning stove is in the basement, obviously put inside a fireplace. Someone thought it may be a Fisher stove, but I'd like to get some expert opinions on it if I could. This is the only and best screen capture that I can get from...
  5. Sully1515

    Fisher Wood Stove - Anybody know the year?

    Just curious, My wife and I purchased a small farm that had a Fisher Grandma Bear wood stove in it. She's a beast, great BTU's from that stove. One of the best wood stoves I've ever owned. My only question is the year. Does anybody know just by looking at this image the approximate year it...