flue pipe

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    Over fire control

    Hello, I have a wood stove in my new to me house that seems to over fire very easily even with the wood stove air damper completely shut. It is a Century Heating FW3000 wood stove with approximately 26’ of double wall flue. I am wondering if I should look at adding a flue butterfly damper to...
  2. B

    Name this Rain Cap!

    Trying to replace my rain cap and I can’t tell what brand/manufacture it is. Got a new one from Menards and it would not fit the pipe, was just a bit too large and wouldn’t lock. Please help!! Thanks in advance!!
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    Discoloration (interior)Stainless Steel Flue Pipe

    This morning I was having a fire in my tiny house (stove installed last fall). The fire was dying down so I threw a little piece of split wood on as well as an old end piece of 1x6 fencing that was unstained but I am worried may have been treated. I was aware I shouldn't burn dimensional lumber...