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    Strong Draft and Flue Temps

    Hi everyone, I am new to wood stoves this winter, and I've been leaning heavily on this forum as a resource for safe and efficient burning. Thanks for all of your insights because they've been very helpful in getting started. My questions revolve around strong draft and safe operating flue...
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    Flue temp probes on Switzer

    I have a small Switzer I use at my new home here in north central Kansas. I love it. It has the electronic controls. One question I have is on flue temps. Due to the design of my boiler room, I had to install the control box a distance from the boiler flue connection. I just used the flue probes...
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    flue temps

    With the GARN 2000 I've been advised to keep the flue temp between 300 and 400 degrees. What's happening if it's higher or lower? Does lower mean either I'm burning wood with too much moisture, thus increasing the chance of Creosote, or the fire is too small? Can the temps get much higher? I'm...