Flue temp probes on Switzer

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Jul 24, 2017
I have a small Switzer I use at my new home here in north central Kansas. I love it. It has the electronic controls. One question I have is on flue temps. Due to the design of my boiler room, I had to install the control box a distance from the boiler flue connection. I just used the flue probes without lengthening them, so they are located in the flue about 8’ from the outlet in the boiler. My flue temps at full burn are usually in the 260-280 range, so the blower runs wide open. My question is, any idea how much temp difference there would be in the flue 8’ away versus right by the outlet on the boiler? It’s more out of idle curiosity than anything, as everything seems to work fine, and I get the temperature rise per pound of wood that I should. My boiler is in a fairly small insulated room, so it’s not cold in there. Usually 100-130 degrees. Thank you!


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Sep 15, 2011
Nova Scotia
Think I might call Switzer on that one. Different boilers might have specific different flue gas exit velocities that might show different temp drops per foot of exit length.
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