forced air kit

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  1. geofox784

    DIY Osburn Stratford II install with forced air distribution kit

    Earlier this fall I started working on replacing my old builder-grade zero clearance fireplace with a new ZC fireplace. This turned into 3 months of work after discovering that the chimney chase was apparently slapped on without any codes or common sense involved. Skip to the next post if you...
  2. D

    Forced Air Distribution Kit

    Has anyone ever used a forced air distribution kit like the one in this link? Based on the manual, it looks like the fan needs to be 10' away from the fireplace, and the hose has to be at least 25' long...
  3. delusional4EpaWoodFP

    Osburn Stratford install with forced air kit

    Hi, just wanted to follow up with resolution to my original post. Thanks to everyone who took the time to answer my questions. At the end of this summer we went through with the install of the Osburn Stratford. My main concern was the location of the fireplace we were replacing and the...