Forced Air Distribution Kit

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It might work depending on the house layout. Do you have an Osburn or Valcourt fireplace?
Has anyone ever used a forced air distribution kit like the one in this link?

Based on the manual, it looks like the fan needs to be 10' away from the fireplace, and the hose has to be at least 25' long. Would this be a viable method for transferring heat to a second story in a home?

That kit looks very similar to the fan that rsf Opel or similar uses. It is a fairly large fan. It does move alot of air if I recall. I had a customer install one with his new build. The biggest issue I saw with it was the need to leave a access panel to change the fan out if there were any issues. I think I recall it did not fit in 11 7/8 joist height causing a bulkhead as well. It made alot of noise when on full power. I preferred the Pacific Energy kit for the fp30 because the fan is much easier to change out if there's trouble. I don't think the PE fan is as powerful, but pulling air upstairs would be easier than pushing it down.
As per the installers recommendation, the Opel user tied his kit right into the hot air supply of his forced air heat system. The installer knew that this wasn't allowed here in Canada any longer to tie direct to the system, but convinced the home owner that it was still safe. My job as the home builder was to not allow that installation, but I know things change often when I leave. The homeowner reports that the system works well to get warm air to the far end of his ranch house.
For a bit more simple install check out the PE kit, but regardless of which kit you use, I think they work well.
The PE kit is a maximum of 25' run if I recall correctly, not a minimum like that Osbourn kit?

Also remember that your heat will naturally rise to the 2nd floor. Depending on your layout you may have more trouble keeping the stove level of your house warm enough, while not baking out the upstairs. Your stair location and hallways will dictate this mostly.