Valcourt Waterloo FP15A - Forced Air Kit; Installing 6" B Vent Pipe

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New Member
Aug 6, 2023
Slinger, WI
Hello Everyone - Visited a fireplace store today to view the Valcourt FP15A Waterloo as well as some others; xtrodinair & Hearthstone WFP100 . I am leaning towards the FP15A, while I like the look of the hearthstone (much better in person than website), the wife wants the more modern look of the Waterloo Arched.

The Waterloo Arched FP15A has option forced air kit - enables you to tap into the side of the unit and pull the heated air using a forced blower. The piping required is "B" vent which I can understand due to the temperature, likely about 115F.

My question: Since it is just a cut out in the side of the unit, do they make a starter collar than I can secure to the side of the fireplace then snap in my 6" B Vent? I went and picked up a 6" elbow to better understand the size but I couldnt find a starter piece.

Any help would be appreciated.
I looked into the Valcourt / Osburn forced air kit, VA4460, and noticed they do no state the required use of B Vent Pipe. Instead they show a simple collar that slides in rotates when installing to hold in. If anyone has one of these kits, please post some pictures. Also if anyone has any other suggestions on the piping for meeting 250F air temp, that would be great. I am fine with the B vent pipe, likely overkill. Thanks