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  1. A

    Best wood stove for my dollar?

    After several days of single digit temps and multiple power outages, I've finally convinced my husband we need a wood stove (I've wanted one for years). Now that I'm looking online I am finding so many different brands and kinds, I sort of feel overwhelmed and don't want to make a mistake w/ my...
  2. ATX_stove_wanter

    Replace ZC fireplace with free-standing, wood-burning stove

    Hello all! Long-time lurker, first time poster. I've been browsing this forum for a while for ideas and education while this project idea has been turning in my head. I've been blown away by the community on this forum and everyone's willingness to share their knowledge and experiences in order...
  3. C

    Backer Board and Mortar for Stove base

    Hey y'all, first post here. I'm building a tile hearth/base for my free standing wood stove (a US Stove 1100): two layers of 1/2" concrete backer board for a heat shield on top of a hardwood floor in the corner of the living room, then topped with some tile. All the online guides I've found...
  4. N

    Purchasing Help Please

    I'm having a really hard time deciding which wood stove to buy. I am replacing an old insert with a free standing unit. It needs to have a rear facing flue, and fit within 28 1/2ish high X 35 wide. I have looked at the Vermont Castings Encore Flexburn but decided against it due to some things I...