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  1. WiscWoody

    Anyone know something about alkylate gas?

    I haven’t run my new 592XP nor the new 372XP either but I saw this tonight on a chainsaw site saying the 592 was designed to run on alkylate fuel and I e never heard of it before. Here’s the copy and paste of what was said- The Husqvarna 592 XP is designed to run on premixed alkylate fuel...
  2. ElissaGilbert

    Things to remember when buying multi fuel stoves

    I want to install a multi fuel stove in our new house. When I told this to my sister, she immediately recommended this online seller of multi fuel stoves. Well, it’s great that we already have a provider to purchase from. But the problem is, I have no idea how to choose the right stove to buy...
  3. I

    Hardwood Pellets San Diego

    Hey yall, Im in need of hardwood pellets in San Diego California Any suggestions? Im willing to order from somehwere close also.
  4. M

    Furnaces that burn wood and coal.

    Hello, this is my first post on here. But anyway on to my question. Is there available a modern wood and coal burning furnace that will burn wood and coal without doing any kind of modifications. I'm not looking to burn both at the same time but would like to switch between the two quickly and...
  5. OkieDude

    Hello from Okanagan Wood Pellets!

    Hey Guys, By way of introduction, my name is Chris and I am the new Director of Sales for Okanagan Pellets! I just wanted to hop on here to introduce myself and help answer any questions you may have regarding the Okanagan brand. I know there has been some confusion regarding the Okanagan brand...
  6. R

    Adjusting Fuel Pulse Duration

    Greetings All, I have inherited a Tarm 4.0 pellet boiler as a new homeowner. The manual is not clear on adjusting the fuel pulse duration. Any knowledgeable suggestions on how to accomplish that? Thanks!
  7. S

    Indoor Wood Boiler Advice Needed!

    Let me start by saying this is my first post on hearth.com, but I am no stranger to this site. You all are full of knowledge and have answered a lot of my previous wood burning questions. However, I have not been able to find much information on my particular situation. I recently purchased a...
  8. jimcooncat

    Burning Books for Non-Political Reasons

    I've taken on a new venture as an online bookseller, as well as sell them in my wife's shop, and sometimes get in books that have no redeeming value whatsoever. I'm not talking about anything politically sensitive, they are like outdated law books, 1960 encyclopedias and text books, and fiction...