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    collar to stove pipe gap

    I have a jotul F400 stove, 6" single wall comes down to collar. it does not seat well and has gaps. I typically take out pipe for cleaning stove to vacuum inside from collar. do I need a collar adapter? should I try to crimp pipe more to see if seats better? thanks
  2. U

    Air gap wall/heat shield wall Lopi 1750

    My Lopi 1750 is on the way. i had to take out my old hearth pad and stone that was on the wall and put down some tiles etc. I was about to fix up the wall where the wall stone used to be and found brittle drywall. I’ll be replacing the bad area, but I’m pretty freaked out by what I found. It...
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    Retaining my Fisher

    Hi. I posted briefly on another thread about my Fisher stove, in Wellington NZ. probably a Honey Bear - brass cathedral doors. It never worked properly, and we were going to get rid of it in our renovation, but we have decided to keep it, and see if we can resurrect it. I found quite a large...