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  1. M

    New shelburne getting black on glass

    Just had my new shelburne installed and have been using after about 5-6 break in fires. Still working out kinks, but almost every fire is producing black film on glass. My wood that I’m using is all below 20% moisture and hardwood. Any thoughts to what it might be?
  2. J

    Glass fronted Jotul 1

    Hello there, I am looking for a glass fronted door for a Jotul 1. I would consider buying the glass fronted door on its own, or the whole Jotul 1 stove complete with glass fronted door. Postage to UK required. Many thanks, Jack.
  3. R

    Hearthstone Manchester Glass Cracked

    I replaced the front door gasket on my Hearthstone Manchester 8360 wood stove. A couple of weeks later the grass on the door cracked. The stove is approximately 8 years old and after some research chalked it up to the glass was fatigued. I installed the OEM glass and now after a couple of weeks...
  4. Jotel me this

    Xtrordinair glass gasket?

    Hello. I have a Xtrordinar 44 fireplace and am replacing all the gaskets due to poor seals. I'm stuck trying to figure out how to run the gasket around the top of the glass. I used channel gasket for the portion where the glass slides into the channels, and I know it uses 1/2" rope gasket...
  5. M

    Change out an Elmira Sweetheart stove door for a glass door?

    We purchased an old Elmira Sweetheart stove that my best friend's grandmother has had since we were kids (late 80s). We have it installed in our cabin in NH and absolutely love it! It heats up pretty quick and we can usually get through the night if we have to (we usually feed it once or twice...