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  1. T

    Lopi Insert Not Putting Off Heat?

    Hi all! My husband and I are relatively new to burning (this is our second year) and we love it! Nothing beats wood heat! However, my mom bought a new home a few months ago and got a new Lopi Next Gen Fyre insert (medium ). The issue is that it’s really struggling to put off any heat. She’s...
  2. Euphoria

    [Questions] I'm new to pellet burners, I have a few questions regarding pellets

    Hey everyone, I have a few questions regarding pellets as I'm quite new to pellet stoves. I've moved into my new home at the beginning of the year, it's in a new country and I don't speak the language yet so attempting to ask the locals hasn't helped. I used the pellets the stove dealer...
  3. Dana Kayal

    Low heat output Drolet ECO 65

    I have an Enviro EF-V & a Drolet Eco65 & struggling hard. I had poor heat last year when I replaced my Enviro with my Drolet. I blamed it on the pellets or wondered if I was my imagination that I got way more heat out of the enviro. The manufacturer thus far has been no help & the local pellet...
  4. H

    Need sage advice in selecting the right wood insert

    Hello, I am new to this forum and new to woodstoves. I actually grew up in homes heated by wood stoves but never had to choose which one was installed. I've lived in an apartment heated solely by a Morso-style wood stove so I do have basics of how to make a fire keep going in an efficient stove...
  5. P

    Heat n Glo I35F - No Flame Adj; How Warm Should it be?

    We had a Heat n Glo I35F installed in Dec 2015. The fan was making a high pitched squeal which was swapped out under warranty. Then, the replacement fan started making a different noise which was attributed to a wire that had somehow come into contact causing a vibration type noise. The fan...