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    Main burner won't light anymore. Before was intermittent and fixed by shaking surround. Thermopile: low volts when switch on, good volts off.

    Hello, I have a natural gas fireplace called the Heat-N-Glo FB-GRANDLP, which is a millivolt system. (I can't find its manual but I found a similar model's (I think) FB-IN and FB-GRAND). It has two control options, a simple on/off switch located on the decorative painted metal surround and a...
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    Dexen Electronic Ignition Module

    Hi, I’m in Australia and have a Heat and Glo (Hearth and Home) Model 6TRSI-AUD/6TRSILP-AUD When I turn my fireplace on the pilot light light straight away but it doesn’t flame up and times out. After many, maybe a dozen times of resting it may light. I have clean the little bar on the pilot. I...
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    Have you replaced a SIT 820 Nova? Any tips/advice?

    I have a circa 2008 Heat and Glo Supreme-XTS. The gas valve has stopped working and I've found the replacement part here.... https://www.fire-parts.com/collections/heat-n-glo-control-valves/products/sit-820-series-millivolt-fireplace-valve-30-turndown-natural-gas And it's half the cost of what...
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    Small Room suggestions

    Been looking at gas (propane) fireplaces for a den (18x14). Would like to be able to have a nice flame with a little heat, and if needed if power goes out, some secondary heat (but that's rare). Have looked at many and get differening opinions on good vs bad. Have seen Heat & Glo, Marquis...