Small Room suggestions

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New Member
Dec 20, 2021
New York
Been looking at gas (propane) fireplaces for a den (18x14). Would like to be able to have a nice flame with a little heat, and if needed if power goes out, some secondary heat (but that's rare). Have looked at many and get differening opinions on good vs bad. Have seen Heat & Glo, Marquis Bentley, Mendota. All say Mendota is too much heat for the room size. But they do have the ability to push heat to other rooms or outside. Mendota suggested their Decor series for the ability to turn it down low, but still have a nice flame. Heat & Glo and Marquis come with little choices, and from what I see are not as good (but I hear many different stories on that). I want a good unit, not looking for just a cheap way to go, but a really good unit. The idea of pushing the heat to another room is appealing (but of course adds even more to the price). Was hoping to get a few thoughts from others here, as all this makes me stop and do nothing, which is not what I want to do. I know this is more of a subjective question, but thought I'd ask. Thanks in advance.
Take a look at the Jotul gas stoves. They are very nice
looking cast iron units & decent heaters as well. They also
have a 50% turn down capability.