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  1. B

    Mendota DVX 42 remote

    Recently had a Mendota dvx 42 installed in our new house. Trying to find a remote for it as it did not come with one. Struggling to find what I need on line. Any help. Our dealer would have to order one to the tune of 300, was wondering if there is something cheaper online. thanks
  2. D

    Small Room suggestions

    Been looking at gas (propane) fireplaces for a den (18x14). Would like to be able to have a nice flame with a little heat, and if needed if power goes out, some secondary heat (but that's rare). Have looked at many and get differening opinions on good vs bad. Have seen Heat & Glo, Marquis...
  3. T

    Gas insert flame too high?

    Just installed a Mendota FV44i. The heat is amazing. You can see in this pic that the flame is reaching near the top of the firebox, and the ceramic material above it has a small red glow. I understand that the firebox is supposed to get hot, but is this too hot? Is the flame too high?
  4. O

    Valor vs Mendota

    We are getting ready to replace our 30 year old gas insert. My wife has decided she wants something that looks like the wood stoves we've had in the past like the Vermont. This means she wants the look of double arched doors. I want the most realistic fire we can get. So far we have looked...
  5. M

    $10k for a Mendota FV44i Decor?!?!?!?

    Just got a quote in the DC area to install a Mendota FV44i Decor with custom cut surround for about $10k. To be clear, this is a gas heating appliance I'm talking about here. It will not launch rockets into space or even drive me down the street to pickup Chick-fil-a. I've seen quotes from...
  6. P

    Mendota fv44i bowing?

    We bought a Mendota fv44i gas insert in November, and recently noticed that the metal frame around the insert (I’m not sure what the proper name for this is) appears to be bowing, so that it’s visible even with the fireplace front on. This also seems to be making it a bit difficult to attach the...
  7. K

    Propane Fireplace decisions Astria, Montigo, Mendota, others??

    We are doing a renovation and have been looking at fireplaces to choose from. We are getting very over whelmed with all the brands out there. We only have two local dealers in our city, which provide limited choices of fireplaces, T&C, Montigo, Napoleon, Enviro, and Astria. Since our house...
  8. N

    Mendota dxv35 - No Pilot light

    Hi All, I have two issues going on. First is the fireplace would only work from battery power for the last 2 years - dealt with it and just changed the 9volt battery every few weeks. This year using the same process, went to change the battery and the pilot didn't come back on. So now, I...
  9. M

    Mendota fireplace only lights from battery power - help please!

    Hello - I have a Mendota FV44i gas fireplace with remote. When I plug in the battery back up, the fireplace is operating as expected, but without the batteries, the receiver seems to not be registering a signal from the remote. I have confirmed that the master switch is set to ON and have...
  10. Nanie

    Looking for recommendations for direct vent natural gas fireplace for new house

    Building a new house at the NJ shore- The focal point will be a double sided fireplace- one side facing dining area and the other side facing family room of a 3200 sq ft house. Looking for an efficient natural gas fireplace - full view - arched -very plain - no louvers etc. We also will have a...
  11. V

    Beware of Mendota

    Spent a large amount of money on a DXV45 with the Andover doors. After construction of my home, the installer went to install the doors but they are too large. I was hoping to return them for a smaller door but in talking directly to Mendota they won't return them without the original "box". Of...
  12. C

    Mendota FV 44 I Gas Fireplace will not fire

    I have a 2012 model Mendota natural gas fireplace. It is installed correctly with all of the proper permits and has performed flawlessly until today, Jan 1, 2018(Happy New Year!). It has the SIT Proflame II remote transmitter along with SIT flame control, pilot and gas valve. The first...
  13. J

    Alternatives to Mendota Chelsea?

    Howdy. First post... I'm looking into direct vent gas units for a small living room. We are limited by having only 47.5" of wall space between two windows on the exterior wall where the unit would be installed. So, I believe that limits us to small "portrait" style units like the Chelsea. I...
  14. C

    Mendota FV46, flame going sideways

    Morning! Long time researcher on this forum but first time posting. I just purchased a Mendota FV46 which has been installed using duravent directvent pro 5x8 pipe (horizontal termination). Mill-pac sealant was used on the inner pipe of the venting, as recommended by the manufacturer. I had...
  15. Y

    Lopi versus Jotul for a used gas stove?

    Hi all! I just actually signed up to this forum, but I've been reading it obsessively for the past month! To introduce myself, I am a young woman who recently bought an old (1800s) rowhouse in historic Philadelphia, and I am attempting to restore it to its former glory... on a budget! :-) I'm...
  16. N

    Quick Question - Mendota vs KozyHeat

    We have narrowed down our choices to the following gas inserts: KozyHeat Chaska vs Mendota FullView. The Menodota is a bit more expensive, so was wondering if anyone has an opinion as to which one is better in terms of features, heat and quality. Thanks so much!
  17. W

    Best high end DV traditional fireplace

    Trying to decide on a large louverless traditional DV NG full view fireplace. Heat is secondary to realism and features (California). I'm not seriously concerned about the price as I'm doing it once and living with it for the rest of my life, although I don't want to pay more for no reason...
  18. H

    Nice look with less heat?

    I have read a some threads here and appreciate the knowledge you all have. I am hoping you can help me. We are building a new house and are putting a direct vent fireplace in the family room. We live in NY and the house is about 4000 sq ft. We have a high efficiency heater so we don't really...
  19. T

    Mendota DXV45 Delayed Ignition Problem

    I'm new to the Forum, so let me start off by saying "hello" to everyone - this is a great source of advice and am happy to be here. My house was built in 2008 and I chose a Mendota DXV45 in my living room. It's been a so-so performer since new. I'm running propane and the fireplace was...