Alternatives to Mendota Chelsea?

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May 9, 2017
Howdy. First post...

I'm looking into direct vent gas units for a small living room. We are limited by having only 47.5" of wall space between two windows on the exterior wall where the unit would be installed. So, I believe that limits us to small "portrait" style units like the Chelsea. I have not found too many other options out there in this style, and the ones I have seen, like the Valor portrait series, don't have very realistic flames.

The Chelsea seems like a solid fit for our needs, but before I pull the trigger I thought I'd see if there were any recommendations for other manufacturers that we should consider.

Can have a look at the enviro Q1, I believe that is the same style as what you're looking for. Good little unit, just watch the clearances on it. It's fine if being used as an insert, but the clearances are quite large if its being installed directly into framing and may be prohibitive.