isle royale

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  1. projectanavita

    Quadra fire isle royale issues

    We picked up a used IR and it seems to have some issues. We are seeking advice on how best to move forward. 2009, looks like it was likely over-fired. Top plate on the baffle bypass is warped. I measure 3/8" clearance between the top plate and the tubes on either side and 1/4"in the center...
  2. DoubleTFarm

    Advice for buying and using a used Quadrafire Isle Royale

    Hi all, I have learned so much already from browsing this site (thank you!) and now I'm hoping for a few more words of wisdom and advice. I am looking at purchasing a used Isle Royale. It looks to be in pretty good shape, but I'm no expert so I'm hoping to line up someone a little more...
  3. R

    Quadrafire Isle Royal rusting

    Hello, I have a quadrafire isle royale stove that has surface rust (I have an old dog that licks the stove). The stove is matte black so I plan on using a wire brush and vinegar to remove the rust and then re-paint it with stove paint. The question I have is that the top loading part, the...