jotul 550

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    Jotul 550 Rockland Comments

    Hi, folks, I'm new to this forum, at least as far as joining and posting, although I have been visiting it for a while. I want to post some thoughts about my Jotul 550 Rockland and see if others might share these observations or have comments of their own. By way of background, I've heated...
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    Installation - Jotul 550CF

    I have been reading and occasionally posting on the forum for awhile. I finally bought and had installed a new Jotul 550CF today by Kring's Hearth and Home in Southeastern, PA. Here are some photos of the installation and the block off plate that they agreed to install as well. You can see how...
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    Jotul 550 or Osburn 2400

    Hi All, I finally talked my wife into a wood stove. Originally we had a free to us Quadrafire freestanding stove (but she put the brakes on that). We've met with our rep in our area to close in on stove and witnessed the Jotul 500. She likes that stove because its flush faced. We tentatively...