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    Enviro Meridian, inactive flame

    Hey everyone, I’m new to the forum. I’m having an issue with my 6 year old Enviro Meridian. It’s been working great. But all of a sudden no matter what setting (damper, heat, feed and combustion air) it is putting out little heat and the flame barely reaches the top of the burn pot. We’ve always...
  2. S

    England 28-3500 - Low Heat Issue

    Hoping someone might be able to help. I am new to wood furnaces entirely. Just got a England 28-3500 for my shop - no ductwork, just to dump the heat out into the room. I can’t seem to get the fire burning hot. I have a thermometer about 12”up the pipe. It’s is topping out at about 250 degrees...
  3. M

    Majestic - Not producing much heat

    Hi All, This is our second winter in our new home. The Majestic gas (propane) fireplace came with the place. We thought it was functioning normally until visiting a friends house. Our unit's heat output is but a small fraction of theirs. The units are the same BTU, and from what I've...
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    Help with Lennox Winslow Stove PS40 Please!

    Our stove was turning itself off after 20 minutes so we called in a tech who replaced the combustion motor and the snap switch but that didn't solve anything. The stove has been cleaned really well and all the switches are clean. We also replaced the control board. So now we have a set of...