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  1. sksmass

    Sprocket turns but only with effort

    My saw bogged down and quit today. It would rev up but the chain wouldn't spin. I shut it down and tried to spin it by hand, no luck. I took the saw apart and noticed the bar tip sprocket didn't spin. I cleaned the bar groove, the grease ports, and greased the sprocket. Now it turns but...
  2. modestholdings

    Hearthstone II Rebuild, with Questions

    A couple of years ago I purchased my late grandfolks' place from my dad and aunt. While the house has had many different heating sources over the years, I only remember a 10,000 BTU space heater and the Hearthstone II that has been the centerpiece of the living room since about the time I was...
  3. L

    Steps to take to maintain fireplace and its room

    HI, so my family bought a house and my room will have a fireplace in it. I have never used or seen a fireplace being used and since it will be in my room, i have a few questions about fireplace. My main concern is, the rest of my family is not too fond of the smell of burning wood and i don't...