morso 3610

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  1. F

    Good deal on a Morso 3610 for a small house?

    Hi All, I'm a first time wood stove buyer looking for primary heat source for our 1100 sq foot house. I'm just starting research process and I stumbled upon a unused Morso 3610 for around $1000, which seems like a very good price for a quality stove. If this Morso is a good fit for me, I'm...
  2. michiganwoodburner

    Morso 2110 vs 3610

    Hello all, Thank you for this great forum! Lots of wisdom here. My wife and I have a 1,600sqft two floor house. First floor is 1,000sqft, second floor is 600sqft. We purchased our house last year and did our first winter. We were very cold last winter and tried to heat with only a 30,000BTU...
  3. D

    Morso 3610 new member and stove user

    Hi - relatively new wood stove user (Morso 3610 / 60,000 BTU stove), looking to possibly connect with other 3610 users. I had my stove installed in 2015 (in my basement which I recently had divided into two areas so that I could insulate the section using the stove) and at the present time only...