Morso 3610 new member and stove user

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New Member
Jan 13, 2017
The Great North
Hi - relatively new wood stove user (Morso 3610 / 60,000 BTU stove), looking to possibly connect with other 3610 users. I had my stove installed in 2015 (in my basement which I recently had divided into two areas so that I could insulate the section using the stove) and at the present time only using biobricks and bioblocks. The stove and brick combo works great, giving me chimney temp of 450° and 90° - 94° area temp by the stove (which gets me 64° upstairs). Had floor vents installed but the big winner is my open basement door which really gets me comfortable. Since I have a cat, I fashioned a basement screen door out of two connected bookshelves (6 ft x 32").

Since I have not used traditional logs yet, I am curious as to the stove's performance with traditional wood. My 2 lb bricks (6) runs 1hr 15 mins, runs very clean and leaves little ash - 28 bricks did not fill those ash pans upon cooling which produced heat for approx. 8 hours. Curious as to how that compares to a typical load of traditional wood.

The stove is for backup / end of times scenarios. My usual source of heat is propane. I run the stove once a week to gain experience in the operation. I would like to get some additional ash pans so that at some point, I can round robin those pans to keep the heat moving through the house continuously. I have no trouble with adding the bricks onto the ash bed.

Anyway, thanks for reading this. Need to read up on how to post pics - have a few to share.