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    Cleaning up my Nashua Wood Burner

    Im looking dor a manual or some guidance to clean up and best way to access duct pipe in the rear. I'd like to clean up any creosote and dirt from these areas and possibly recoat outside. Pictures are attached.
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    nashua nfp-2 install!

    Hello! New member here! I grew up from basically birth all the way until I was 19 years old, using and familiarizing myself in the use of the family wood stove. Now that was 15 years ago and I fondly remember the days of stoking and chopping. However, I was not born prior to the stoves...
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    Help using 1972 Nashua N18 - not getting the heat I expect

    Howdy--been reading this excellent forum for months and just registered seeking some advice. My wife and I bought a 1972, 1570 sq/ft contemporary house in April, and it has a Nashua N18 wood stove in the basement. We believe it was original from when the house was built--and had it inspected...
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    Top of Nashua stove is rusted and pitted

    Hi guys, I'm new here and new to wood burning stoves in general. I recently bought a house that came with a Nashua stove and it's been very useful this past winter. I have noticed however that the top of the stove is starting to rust and is starting to get pitted (there are a couple of little...
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    Carbon monoxide leaking from wood stove?

    Hi, relatively new to heating with a wood stove. I moved into a new house a couple months ago that has an old Nashua wood stove in the basement. I've been burning wood for the last few weeks as the temperature drops. For safety, I have a combination CO/smoke detector in the basement and a Kidde...
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    First time user of a wood stove (Nashua NFP-1)

    Hi all, I recently bought a house and it came with a wood stove (I THINK it's a Nashua NFP-1 based on pictures I've seen online - photo of mine attached). I've used it a couple times with varying success, and am hoping to find a manual for it. After doing a lot of reading online, I've learned...
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    Nashua Wood Stove: What model is it?

    I am going to look at a stove on craigslist, but I want to know as much about the stove as possible before I go. It's obvious from the attached picture that it is a Nashua, but I can't figure out what model it is. All the info I can find is for the nfp-1 and nfp-2 wood stoves, which are the ones...